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Creamy Roasted Pepper Soup


Creamy soups and bisques are so luscious.  But typically they are packed with so much butter and cream, you may as well skip the entree.  Who wants soup for 400+ calories? Make this creamy alternative for only 100 calories! And it’s vegan. You can’t be that. You’ll have room for your entree and maybe even dessert or a glass of ... Read More »

{4: Nourish} Week 3

Nourish 3

{HABIT: Nourish} Month: 4 / Week: 3 Oh moderation. Your best friend and worst enemy. More often than not, “everything in moderation” follows eating a super-size-jumbo portion of a less than healthy food.  And this doesn’t even account for everything else that person ate.  Too many people are using this as an excuse to eat what ever they want.  But, is ... Read More »

Chayote Apple Pie


Ever had chayote squash? Scratch that. Ever SEEN chayote squash? Well now you have (see the pic over there?). I thought it was a strange pear at first. I was certainly wrong.  You can find this underrated ingredient in most supermarkets. No need to take a trip to the health food store (unless you want to of course!) Chayote is a ... Read More »

{4: Nourish} Week 1


{HABIT: Nourish} Month: 4 / Week: 1 Traditionally speaking, when we talk about balance in nutrition, we’re referring to energy balance = calories in vs. calories out. We’ve all heard it before. If  you eat more than you burn, you gain weight. If you eat less than you need, you lose weight. And many people still live by this rule.  But, ... Read More »

Strawberry Shortcake


If you’ve never had strawberry shortcake from Florida, you’ve never had strawberry shortcake. During strawberry season, we have by far the best sweetest juiciest strawberries around. Toss a few berries on some shortcake and smother it in whipped cream and you have yourself a dessert. But as with most desserts, I reserve the real deal for those special occasions, like a ... Read More »