Find Your Inner Child : 25 Ways to Have Fun & Reduce Stress

{HABIT: Relax}
Month: 10 / Week: 3

playRemember as a kid when you would choose to do something just for the fun of it? No agenda. No plan. Just playing and creating because it made you happy.

Well, it’s time to reclaim that innocence and curiosity and do something for ourselves as adults. And don’t think of it as being selfish. Taking care of you and your stress first means you can be a better person to the ones you love. Take me for example. I love singing. In the car, in the kitchen, in the shower… doesn’t matter. I just love it. And, I may not always be on key but my husband doesn’t say a word because he knows I love it and it’s something that truly brings me joy. And as they say…

happy wife, happy life.” 🙂

That’s the motto in our house anyway. This week, find an activity you like doing. Find your inner child and get out there and have fun!

  • Visit the theater
  • Join a monthly “club” or meet-up – books, wine, games, etc.
  • Learn a new language
  • Travel. Near or far, what ever your budget can afford. It could be as simple as exploring a nearby town you’ve never been to or visiting places in your own city you’d like to see.
  • J-46Read or listen to an audiobook.
  • Write– in a journal, short stories, articles, what ever your fancy.
  • Take part in a sport. Golf, tennis, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, swimming, and so on…
  • Join a club sports team like kickball or flag football.
  • Do something crafty like draw or color (adult coloring books are kind of in if ya didn’t know!) or make something you enjoy
  • Take a yoga class
  • Enroll in dance classes. Try traditional ballroom or salsa with a partner or take a barre class for improved flexibility and strength.
  • Start gardening. Harvesting your own fruits, vegetables and herbs can be very rewarding. Your mouth and wallet will be doing the happy dance.
  • Lift weights. Physical strength can empower you. A more confident you makes tackling stress much easier.
  • Get out on the water– fishing, kayaking, water skiing…
  • hikingGet up in the mountains– hiking, camping, rock climbing…
  • Play an instrument or join a singing group.
  • Visit an art gallery or museum
  • Volunteer for a cause you believe in.
  • Start a puzzle. Pick photo based or abstract puzzles and frame them when you’re done.
  • Build something. There’s a ton of DIY sites out there for building furniture, household accents, or even miniature models (aircrafts, cars, rockets, etc.)
  • Take a cooking class or buy a healthy recipe book and work your way through it.
  • DIY skin care products: lotions, creams, makeup.
  • Learn a new physical activity. Want to try kickboxing but never have? Learn pilates on a reformer. Or take part in the trend of trampoline jumping (it’s a serious workout, don’t knock it until you try!)
  • Take classes in something that interests you. You can get free courses online or find something affordable at a local college.
  • Listen to podcasts. No seriously, this stuff is amazing. Do you commute? Or spend mindless hours doing chores around the house? Do you workout and get tired of your music? Podcasts are basically talk radio that YOU get to choose the topic in. Just search for the topic of your choice and find a few you love. This is a hobby I’m currently in LOVE with. I listen to my podcasts everyday 🙂
What hobbies do you like to do regularly? Is there anything you do that I didn’t list here? Let me know!
CHALLENGE: Pick a hobby you enjoy and start doing it this week.

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