Month 10: Relax

Reduce Stress from the Inside Out: Anti Inflammatory Foods

{HABIT: Relax} Month: 10 / Week: 4 We can’t control the stresses of life that occur all around us. But, we can control how we cope with those stressors. There are activities we can engage in, both to prevent stress and to reduce stress that comes our way. The first 3 challenges surround activities that can help us prevent and manage ... Read More »

Find Your Inner Child : 25 Ways to Have Fun & Reduce Stress

{HABIT: Relax} Month: 10 / Week: 3 Remember as a kid when you would choose to do something just for the fun of it? No agenda. No plan. Just playing and creating because it made you happy. Well, it’s time to reclaim that innocence and curiosity and do something for ourselves as adults. And don’t think of it as being selfish. ... Read More »

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Start Meditation

{HABIT: Relax} Month: 10 / Week: 2 Meditation. It’s all the rage right now. But if you’re like many people (including myself at one point), you’ve thought it was “woo woo” or just too difficult and time consuming. Who has time to spend an hour just thinking about nothing? How is that even possible? I can barely quiet my mind ... Read More »

Little Known Ways to Reduce Stress

{HABIT: Relax} Month: 10 / Week: 1 This month, we’re all about reducing stress, inside and out. Relaxation and stress reduction is an overlooked habit. The norm for most people is a super busy overworked stressed out email 24/7 life. And sometimes, we just need to stop and breathe.   So take a minute this week, and do something calming each day. ... Read More »