Month 11: Gratitude

The Secret to True Happiness

{HABIT: Gratitude} Month: 11 / Week: 3 Do you ever find yourself falling into the “when this… than I’ll be happy” vicious cycle? You know… “When I fit into a size “x”, then I’ll be happy.” “I just need to work out consistently and when I do, things will be good.” “Once I lose this last 25 pounds, I’ll be happy ... Read More »

How Giving Gratitude Away Can Make You Happier

{HABIT: Gratitude} Month: 11 / Week: 2 This week, we’re talking gratitude again. Now, some of you may think less of this habit, and I get it. Gratitude isn’t necessarily something tangible you will notice right away or that you can measure. I know it’s easier to quantify the weight on the scale and the number of minutes you exercise but just ... Read More »