Month 3: Connect

Why Your Friends are Holding You Back

{HABIT: Connect} Month: 3 / Week: 3 As we’ve seen in the first 2 challenges, it’s easier for us to let ourselves down than to let someone else down. You can hold yourself accountable to some extent but also be aware when self accountability isn’t enough. At that point, you can look to someone else. And why not? It’s good to connect ... Read More »

How to Hold Yourself Accountable

{HABIT: Connect} Month: 3 / Week: 1 You already know WHAT to do when it comes to making healthy choices. Most people do. What often sets apart those who are successful are the people who stay connected and accountable. You probably know it’s good for you to eat fruits and vegetables, get quality sleep, drink enough water, and exercise regularly. But, it’s not enough to know ... Read More »