Month 5: Prepare

When Cravings Strike : Best Tips

{HABIT: Prepare} Month: 5 / Week: 4 In the previous challenge, we set up our environment to make the healthy choice the easier one. But, even with a well prepared environment, we’re still bound to have temptations. And cravings will still happen, especially on a long stressful day. And sometimes we won’t able to prepare because of things that happen in life. ... Read More »

Make Healthy Easy : 25 Simple Tricks

{HABIT: Prepare} Month: 5 / Week: 3 It isn’t that healthy people have some magical power in self-discipline. They’re intentional about the environment and circumstances they live in. This means making healthy choices the easier and more accessible alternative to other options. When you make healthy easy, it’s less willpower you have to use in the moment (and more for those ... Read More »

4 Step Meal Prep

{HABIT: Prepare} Month: 5 / Week: 2 So you’ve got the grocery list down. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. I dedicate one day a week (typically Sunday) to not only plan my grocery list but also shop, prep and cook for the week. By doing all of my meal prep in one day, I can be much more efficient. That ... Read More »

6 Steps to Foolproof Grocery List Prep

{HABIT: Prepare} Month: 5 / Week: 1 If there’s one thing in common among healthy people, it’s that they are prepared. Maybe not all of them use the tactics I’m going to share with you but in general, they have a plan.  Relying on preparation, especially if you’re new to this healthy way of living, is essential to creating and maintaining this ... Read More »