Month 6: Refresh

Is Alcohol Healthy for You?

{HABIT: Refresh} Month: 6 / Week: 4 If you don’t drink, don’t start. For those who do drink, or care about someone who does, keep reading. The question we never seem to get a direct answer to: Is alcohol healthy for you?” I would say most media outlets would answer “yes” as health benefits have been cited for alcohol many times, especially ... Read More »

Drink This Not That

{HABIT: Refresh} Month: 6 / Week: 3 When it comes to the beverages we choose, WATER is king. But you knew that. So does that mean you have to give up your coffee? juice? soda? or [insert favorite beverage here]? Of course not. But, there are smart ways to consume these beverages as part of a well balanced healthy diet. When ... Read More »

15 Ways to Drink More Water

{HABIT: Refresh} Month: 6 / Week: 2 Now you know the signs to look out for when it comes to being dehydrated. But how do we stay hydrated in the first place? For some people, water is too boring. For others, they simply forget. Which ever place you fall, there’s a tip here for you. 15 Ways to Drink More Water ... Read More »

DIY Flavored Waters

There’s a ton of DIY flavored water recipes out there but I’ve found a 3 part simple formula that seems to create the best combinations. It makes the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and flavorful. What’s my 3 part recipe for flavored water? Fruit + Herb/Spice + Citrus Yes, technically citrus is a fruit. But here it deserves its own category. Below ... Read More »

Hydration Challenge: 7 Signs You’re Dehydrated

Hydration Challenge: 7 Signs You’re Dehydrated {HABIT: Refresh} Month: 6 / Week: 1 When thinking about living healthfully, it’s easy to just think about diet and exercise. But what we drink is equally important. Like food, hydration balance is achieved when intake equals output. Most of us know when we’re eating too much or too little for our bodies by the ... Read More »