Month 8: Strength & Flex

30 Day Strength Fitness Challenges : Beginner to Advanced

{HABIT: Strength & Flex} Month: 8 / Week: 4 Strength training can be done in so many ways. You can take the traditional route and find workouts using weights, resistance bands, stability balls or even your own bodyweight. Or you can try something different like a bootcamp class or using random objects around your house to “lift”. Find something you like ... Read More »

3 Strength Training Excuses Busted

{HABIT: Strength & Flex} Month: 8 / Week: 3 Building and maintaining strength goes way beyond that lean muscle definition you see on athletes and fitness models. Strength is important for so many reasons. And yet, despite these AMAZING benefits, so many people neglect strength training. And they always seem to have the same excuses. Here are the top 3 strength and ... Read More »

Flexibility Challenges: From Beginner to Advanced

{HABIT: Strength & Flex} Month: 8 / Week: 2 Flexibility is one of those things some people get right away while for others, it takes consistent work. I’m one of those who has to work on flexibility. And flexibility challenges are my favorite way to do it. It makes it less daunting and pushes me to do better. I have pretty ... Read More »