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Happy Health-idays: 5 Tips to Stay On Track In This Busy Season

‘Tis the season… to be busy, stressed, exhausted. It’s amazing how the happiest time of year can simultaneously be the most chaotic time of year. Between holiday shopping, family and work obligations, this and that event to go to, it’s a miracle we don’t all snap. Throw on some pointy shoes, candy cane striped stockings, a green jumpsuit and believe we’re Santa’s helpers ... Read More »

Healthy Thanksgiving – From Breakfast to Bedtime

Of all the days in the year, Thanksgiving is one holiday that revolves around food more than any other. But, we need to remember that this day is about so much more than food. It’s about spending quality time with family and friends, counting our blessings, and finding ways to give back to others. When it comes to the meal, ... Read More »

Inflammation Fighting Foods

Featured Reader Question: Are there any foods that decrease inflammation in the body? What foods should I be eating?” – Stephanie, Florida People with chronic inflammation, such as those who have autoimmune disease are often very conscientious about things that can increase or decrease inflammation in the body. But inflammation, even at very low levels, can affect anyone and everyone. The ... Read More »

Healthy Tips To Get You Through the Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, we’re already starting to see sugar and spice and everything nice… everywhere. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pies to Christmas cookies and everything in between, we’re doomed until January. Or, are we?Excess sugar can lead to excess calories (which can lead to those unwanted holiday pounds so many of us get) as well as inflammation and ... Read More »

Promoting Family Health & Fitness

Living an active and healthy lifestyle means getting the whole family involved. Sounds easy enough. But, with picky eaters and different schedules, it can be a challenge. I’ve collected top tips from Registered Dietitians to help you and your family live happier healthier lives. Tomorrow is… National Family Health & Fitness Day ! Use this day as a way to kick ... Read More »

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

It’s National Women’s Health & Fitness Day!  In honor of this day, I’m giving you 10 inspirational quotes. Share on your favorite social media site and inspire some women! Better yet, get a friend (or a few) and start working out together. There’s nothing more motivating than accountability. Encourage each other. Celebrate your successes. Work through the tough days together. Keep ... Read More »

To Dairy or Not to Dairy…

Featured Reader Question: I have always heard mixed commentaries about dairy. Some people say it is one of the best foods you can eat and other people say it’s super bad for your health. Dairy, good or bad?” – Natasha, Ecuador Great question Natasha. There is controversy even among nutrition professionals on this topic, though many still believe dairy is beneficial and ... Read More »

5 Healthy Living Pinterest Boards to Follow NOW

People often ask me… Where do you get your information? inspiration? What websites do you follow?” My information and inspiration come from all over the place — e-mails, websites, podcasts… books, magazines, research papers… people, places, things… To give you all of that would not only be overwhelming, but probably impossible and useless. Instead, I’m going to share with you ... Read More »

Beat Belly Fat: Tried & True Tips

Featured Reader Question: I’ve heard running decreases belly fat but I hate running. I’ve also heard certain foods can decrease belly fat. What is the best way to get rid of belly fat? Particularly one that doesn’t include me running.” – Judy, Illinois Your question made me chuckle. You’re not the first, and certainly not the last, to not be a fan ... Read More »

Grains 101: Part 2

If you read Grains 101: Part 1, you know that a whole grain = germ+ endosperm+ bran. But, what is a pseudo-grain? Pseudo-grains are not part of the same plant family as ‘true’ whole grains. But, they are recognized as whole grains because they are prepared and consumed like traditional grains. Not to mention, these ‘pseudo-grains’ have comparable nutritional qualities ... Read More »