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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Sweet & Salty)

I’ve had pumpkin seeds before, but only in a salad or some other dish.  I never really tried them on their own.  And what’s not to love? They’re the perfect snack. A little bit of fat, fiber, and protein. Even with just a touch of salt, these make a satisfying crunchy snack. But why not make them more delicious? So I ... Read More »

White Wine Poached Pears & Peaches

Peaches and pears are quite scrumptious on their own but there’s something about poaching them in wine and honey that just makes them irresistible. Don’t believe me? Try this recipe! Feel free to enjoy the fruit as is or pair it with some whole grain granola or a crumbled breakfast bar to give it a bit of crunch. Since most ... Read More »

Apple Cider (4 Ways)

mMmm… apple cider. It’s that time of year, where apples and pumpkins dominate the scene. Apple gets the attention here. Whether you like your cider hot, cold, spiked or virgin. This is the recipe for you. I think we covered all of the bases here. What’s your favorite option? Read More »

Roasted Ratatouille

Ratatouille… a simple French vegetable dish made popular by an adorable movie. If you’ve ever seen the movie then you know the scene at the end where the critic tastes this dish and falls in love. Sometimes we forget that even the simplest of meals can be delicious. What I love about this recipe is that you don’t need to ... Read More »

Individual Apple Crumble

I love apple pie. But I love crumbles and crisps more. They’re easier to make and are much tastier than the boring often flavorless crust you get with an apple pie. The best part about making your own is that you can control the types of apples you use based on your preference. I used a mix of honeycrisp and gala. ... Read More »

The Dirty Italian (Martini)

There are so many variations on a classic martini. Everyone likes it different. I typically like the tastes-like-the ocean-dirty martini. Maybe it brings me back to fun days at the beach. Who knows. I realize not everyone likes the taste of salt water, so I came up with something different. I am certainly no mixologist, but I think you’ll be ... Read More »