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Soy Benefits + A Vanilla Soy Iced Latte Recipe

If you haven’t noticed, plant based diets are really gaining traction. And why not? There are so many benefits to incorporating more of these foods into your diet. But it isn’t intuitive to most people. And I don’t blame them! Until recently, most of the nutrition recommendations have centered on animal based foods, especially when it comes to traditional protein and dairy. ... Read More »

Simple Heirloom Tomato Salad

This heirloom tomato salad could not be simpler. Just toss some greens, fresh heirloom tomatoes, parmesan and a light vinaigrette. You’ve got a simple salad in 5 ingredients. Pack it for lunch or serve as a light appetizer before dinner. The star is the heirloom tomatoes, those lovely little gems you’ve been seeing this summer.   I’ve found the best ones ... Read More »

Jalapeno Mac & Cheese

It doesn’t get much more comfort food than mac and cheese. But as with most comfort foods, that means hulk sized portions and lots and lots of excess calories. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a measly portion of mac and cheese. So, I splurge on the real deal occasionally and for most other times, I look ... Read More »

[Peanut Flour] PB2 Protein Bars

If you’ve never heard of or used peanut flour, these PB2 protein bars will blow your mind. If you have, you know it’s going to be deeeeeelicious. And don’t worry, this isn’t some strange ingredient you can only find online, I’ve seen this stuff everywhere, even mainstream grocery stores. Although I must say, ordering it online can be a better ... Read More »

Tequila Cloudy (Coconut Water Cocktail)

Tequila sunrise, the classic cocktail most often made with orange juice and grenadine. While delicious and beautiful, it is packed with sugar. Besides, I’m all about the underdog. Sunrise and sunset get all the credit. What about cloudy days? Shade is often overrated. Enough rambling. Here’s what you came for. A tantalizing drink made with tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice ... Read More »

Simple Healthy Guacamole

Traditional guac is of course extremely good for you. Avocados are full of healthy fats and equally important, they’re delicious! But because of its fat content, it can be easy to go overboard in terms of servings. This simple healthy guacamole recipe was inspired by Trader Joe’s reduced guilt guac which cuts the calories and adds some good-for-you protein with ... Read More »