5 Healthy Living Pinterest Boards to Follow NOW

HalthyLivingBoardPeople often ask me…

Where do you get your information? inspiration? What websites do you follow?”

My information and inspiration come from all over the place — e-mails, websites, podcasts… books, magazines, research papers… people, places, things… To give you all of that would not only be overwhelming, but probably impossible and useless.

Instead, I’m going to share with you my Top 5 PinterestĀ Boards to follow. If you only follow these 5 boards, you’ll be on your way to a healthier happier you. Check them out!

For motivation…

  • Need some inspiration? These quotes will surely get you thinking differently to act differently. What ever your goal is, you’ll find a way to achieve it by starting here.

For food and nutrition information…

  • No need to weave through the often contradictory (and in many cases inaccurate) information. This is a great resource for sound information.

For protein packed goodies…

  • Tired of protein shakes and bars? No boring stuff here. You’ll find ways to use protein powder you never thought possible. Make easy good for you foods using the protein type you want (not just whey which is the common protein you see in Pinterest recipes and isn’t always so GI-friendly…) [/startlist]

For guilt-free sweets…

  • Dessert can be included in a healthy balanced diet. With these recipes, you can feel even better by making your dessert work for YOU! These aren’t simply the typical ‘light’ desserts that are smaller in serving size and simply lower in calories, fat, and carbohydrates… they’re also made with better ingredients.

For workouts, you can do anywhere…

  • These workouts and videos are made for anyone, anywhere. They push you to work on strength and aerobic fitness without a gym membership. Newbie to fitness? Don’t worry, there’s a workout for you. Advanced athlete? Don’t worry, she’ll push you to your limit too.

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Do you have a favorite Pinterest board that inspires you to live a better life? Share below!


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