Cooking: Art or Science?

{Part 2} Making Substitutions

Out of an ingredient? Don’t want to use an ingredient due to an allergy or diet preference? We all need to make substitutions in recipes sometimes. Some ingredients are more easily substituted than others. And typically, swapping ingredients in cooking is much easier than in baking.
Substitution Spoons

The ingredients listed in this guide are substitutes for ingredients that you will likely see in my recipes. This guide may be used for other recipes containing the same ingredients. But, always remember, cooking and baking truly are an art and science, so I cannot guarantee that it will work with every recipe. The more you get in the kitchen, the more familiar you will get with what works and what doesn’t. And even then, some things work out beautifully while others end in disaster! I’ve been known to mess up a recipe or two… hundred.
I have listed the amount to substitute compared to the original ingredient. You may need to scale up or down depending on the recipe. An “x” under the cooking/baking category lets you know which type of recipes the substitution typically works well. Read the notes for extra tips with these substitutions!

Dairy Substitutions

Flours_Powders Substitutions

Sweeteners Substitutions

Other Substitutions

Have an ingredient you’d like to see featured on here? Send me a message on the contact page or leave a comment below! I’ll do the best I can to find you a solution


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